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    It’s Decorative Gourd Season

    I took a break from sock knitting to do a little cross stitch and it was heavenly.  I very quickly stitched this cheeky one from Subversive Cross Stitch (you can click on the photo to go to the site). I giggle every time I see it. One of the little things I’ve enjoyed post-separation and divorce is putting any decoration I please out. I’ve kept it hidden during house showings but I’ll be blocking and framing it soon so it can live on the mantel. School is in its third week. It’s hard.  I vaguely remember last year’s fifth graders being a rowdy lot but they are a wonderful group…

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    Happiness is the Only Choice

    Life moves quickly and painfully slowly.  I am nearing the end of summer and will soon have two children off at college; I am impatiently waiting to sell the house I am in and buy a smaller house of my very own. In 20 days I will be divorced. I think, most of the time, that I am happy about this.  After 22 years of marriage, I am looking forward to a new beginning.  Divorce wasn’t my idea but I’ve decided to embrace it.  I was terrified to start this path back in October but I also realized, faster than I cared to admit, that this was a blessing. I…

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    Reading Slumps

    After three months of being at home with an ankle fracture and recovery, I think I am at my limit. I’ve run out of things I am interested in watching on TV, I am finding I only have the mental capacity to knit the most simple of things, and I have little to no interest in reading. Case in point: Katherine by Anya Seton. This has been on my TBR list the longest and I started out strong and really enjoying it but now? I’m running out of steam.  I’m over halfway through so I am going to finish it but it’s going to be a struggle.  Why? Because Katherine, Lady…

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    Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

    Lock Every Door by Riley Sager My rating: 4 of 5 stars Well. Let me say that Riley Sager has been on my radar since I stumbled upon Chapter and Converse on BookTube. Since she seems to have similar taste in books, I was happy to find Lock Every Door on my public library’s Libby app. Lock Every Door is a thriller in the truest sense of the word. As the book begins, the main character has stumbled upon a job opportunity when she needs it most, at the mythical Bartholomew building. We learn that she and her older sister spent years reading about the building in a child’s story…

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    The Searcher by Tana French

    The Searcher by Tana French My rating: 4 of 5 stars If I’m being honest, I found In the Woods just “ok” so I expected to have a similiar reaction to The Searcher but I was proven wrong with this. It may perhaps be the lulling descriptions of Irish village life, it may be that this story lacks the back and forth of In the Woods but this may be what sets me back to finish the Dublin Murder Squad series. Cal has retired from the Chicago PD, been divorced from his wife, and is looking for a quiet and uneventful life in the Irish countryside. No surprise: the idyllic…

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    Knitting Projects and Good Books for Early April

    I hadn’t meant to take such a long hiatus but here I am with knitting, book, and general life updates. Hopefully, I can make this a bit more regular as I have some plans in mind that I will share later if, in fact, I accomplish them. Knitting Despite having three sock WIPs I decided what I really needed to work on was a sweater so I cast on for a Cassia (Ravelry link). I saw a sample ages ago in a yarn shop the same of which completely escapes me. The sample was done in a gorgeous cashmere that would have cost a small fortune so I opted for…

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    FO: Close to You Shawl

    Every year St. Patrick’s Day sneaks up on me. I’m barely Irish so that’s fine, but I’m also in the US and St. Patrick’s Day is a BIG DEAL. And every year, without fail, I have said, “I really need to knit something for St. Patrick’s Day.”  And every year, I don’t knit a thing. But this year, I was determined it would be different.  I had some green yarn from Yarnable and a pattern idea from Fourth Star Knits (please come back to YouTube!) so I hit the ground running. The yarn is aptly named Celtic Faire and the pattern is the Close to You shawl by Justina Lorkowski…

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    Why Not?

    I stumbled upon this while looking through my old list of blogs on blogger and thought it seemed like fun. Things you’ve already done: boldThings you want to do: italizeThings you haven’t done and don’t want to – leave in plain font started your own blog slept under the stars played in a band visited Hawaii watched a meteor shower given more than you can afford to charity been to Disneyland/world climbed a mountain held a praying mantis sang a solo bungee jumped visited Paris watched a lightning storm at sea taught yourself an art from scratch adopted a child had food poisoning walked to the top of the statue…

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    Wednesday WIPs

    It’s a wintery day here in Connecticut and time for another Wednesday WIPs post. I’d worried I wasn’t going to have time to post but am now happily doing asynchronous teaching on Wednesdays. My productivity has never been higher during a school week! Today is a mixed bag of crafting. (I did say this was also needlepoint, right?) I am well into the second color for my Allspice Shawl and, in fact, just ordered another skein. I was worried that the shawl would require copious amounts of tugging to get it to the right size. Let me tell you, finding specific yarn during a pandemic is not easy! I did…

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    Friday Favorites

    I always love people’s Friday Favorites and thought, “why not?” Since I’m sure I’m not the only one still spending a lot of time at home, I thought someone else out there could find something useful. I did decide not to stick to a specific number because that would start seeming like work and I do enough of that with my first graders every day (which I love but is also exhausting). Current Vlog Favorite: Cecelia Blohmdahl I love all things Scandinavian and this channel is full of nifty things – Polar Midnight, lots of snowy landscapes, a too-cute-for-words dog, and an all around great glimpse into life in the…

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