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A Playlist for At Home

I had to turn off the news.

After more than a decade in the classroom, I find I can’t work in quiet. Up until now, that meant I usually had CNN playing (mostly for background noise). But last night I hit my limit of virus-related news. I have a bunch of vlogs to catch up on but I want to be able to sit and enjoy those. So music was my choice.

I usually listen to music when I’m not working but there is something about voices that kept me working. My husband thinks that’s weird but I’m sure I’m not the only teacher who is used to noise when he or she is working, right? Anyway, I’m trying to listen to music more and the news less.

I’d love some music requests if you’ve got any good ones to share. I have a feeling that, besides being with my family and pets, music will be a savior during all of this. Along with knitting and books, of course.

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