FO: Close to You Shawl

Every year St. Patrick’s Day sneaks up on me. I’m barely Irish so that’s fine, but I’m also in the US and St. Patrick’s Day is a BIG DEAL. And every year, without fail, I have said, “I really need to knit something for St. Patrick’s Day.”  And every year, I don’t knit a thing.

But this year, I was determined it would be different.  I had some green yarn from Yarnable and a pattern idea from Fourth Star Knits (please come back to YouTube!) so I hit the ground running.

The yarn is aptly named Celtic Faire and the pattern is the Close to You shawl by Justina Lorkowski (Ravelry link and designer site is here but I don’t see the pattern listed).  It was a quick knit and quickly became a knit that I could relax with while watching way too many trash YouTube videos.  The only problem, which may be a problem for teachers who are also knitters, is that I honestly feel like I need a rainbow of knits for the school year.

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