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Friday Favorites

I always love people’s Friday Favorites and thought, “why not?” Since I’m sure I’m not the only one still spending a lot of time at home, I thought someone else out there could find something useful. I did decide not to stick to a specific number because that would start seeming like work and I do enough of that with my first graders every day (which I love but is also exhausting).

Current Vlog Favorite: Cecelia Blohmdahl

I love all things Scandinavian and this channel is full of nifty things – Polar Midnight, lots of snowy landscapes, a too-cute-for-words dog, and an all around great glimpse into life in the Arctic Circle. And I’m fairly certain her village is a lot cooler than where I live. Also, why do so many Scandinavian countries seem to have yarn shops in shopping centers/malls? #jealous.

And, while I’m not hip to the Tik Tok world (did you know there is such a thing as Teacher Tik Tok?) I have to say that her TikTok is pretty entertaining, as well.

Currently Binge Watching: Westworld

Yep, we are slow to the game in this house. My husband and I stumbled on this accidentally last weekend and were hooked after the first episode. We are very slowly figuring out what is happening. Very. Slowly.

Favorite Slippers: Floopi Womens Indoor/Outdoor Moccasins

Since I’m teaching remotely for the rest of the school year my shoe budget dropped significantly. But slippers? Oh, yes. I bought these from Amazon and had two requirements: they had to be red and they had to be moccasins. These are so cozy and they still look brand new. I may also have forgotten they were on my feet and worn them out a couple of times. 😉 Highly recommend.

Next Knitting Project: Tegna – But Wait!

So let’s talk about this for a sec. I bought this pattern from Ravelry about a year ago (I did a lot of pattern buying during lockdown!). And I haven’t knit it yet.

Earlier this week my husband was in Rhode Island and I just happened to send him a link to The Mermaid’s Purl in the hopes of becoming the proud owner of some felted flowers. Welp, they were sold out. BUT!

My husband decided to surprise me with some Mad Tosh yarn in my favorite color and he bought me a printed Tegna pattern. Which kind of seemed like fate’s way of telling me to knit the sweater. We are spending a long weekend in Vermont next month and this will definitely be coming along since I don’t ski. *Squeal*

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