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Knitting Projects and Good Books for Early April

I hadn’t meant to take such a long hiatus but here I am with knitting, book, and general life updates. Hopefully, I can make this a bit more regular as I have some plans in mind that I will share later if, in fact, I accomplish them.


Despite having three sock WIPs I decided what I really needed to work on was a sweater so I cast on for a Cassia (Ravelry link). I saw a sample ages ago in a yarn shop the same of which completely escapes me. The sample was done in a gorgeous cashmere that would have cost a small fortune so I opted for some Plymouth Encore instead. If this sweater gets as much use as I think it will, I may splurge on the recommended yarn.

dark gray knitting on a circular needle

The body of the Cassia is a lot of stockinette so I think it will be a good TV viewing project in the evenings. Any suggestions for new shows to watch. I’m very excited about the new movie The Northman and have been wanting to rewatch Vikings.

What I’m Reading this Week: The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley

book cover of The Hunting Party showing a formal garden covered in snow

I loved The Guest List and since this one is set in Scotland…perfection. I promised myself to only read 1) the books that I own and haven’t read or 2) library books. So far I haven’t run out of books to read. The Hunting Party started a bit slower than The Guest List but it was worth the wait.

Migraine Update

I’ve felt a migraine coming since Friday and it made itself known late Sunday night. This morning the migraine is in full effect. I took the hint and took a sick day. My next Botox treatment is in nine days and my Cefaly is my new favorite thing.

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