Reading Slumps

After three months of being at home with an ankle fracture and recovery, I think I am at my limit. I’ve run out of things I am interested in watching on TV, I am finding I only have the mental capacity to knit the most simple of things, and I have little to no interest in reading.

Case in point: Katherine by Anya Seton. This has been on my TBR list the longest and I started out strong and really enjoying it but now? I’m running out of steam.  I’m over halfway through so I am going to finish it but it’s going to be a struggle.  Why? Because Katherine, Lady Swynford, is irritating.  She is just a woman happy to be simply convenient to her lover, the Duke of Lancaster.  I realized they will get married at some point and I do realize that arrangements such as theirs were not uncommon but I literally dislike all of these people.  Is this a love affair? Eh, not in my opinion. Is there enough history thrown in? Um, not really.  At least there is not enough to keep a reader entertained despite the urge to tell Katherine to pick herself up and go to her own estate and stop waiting for Lancaster to find time for her.  Nope. Not enough.


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