Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Lock Every DoorLock Every Door by Riley Sager
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Well. Let me say that Riley Sager has been on my radar since I stumbled upon Chapter and Converse on BookTube. Since she seems to have similar taste in books, I was happy to find Lock Every Door on my public library’s Libby app.

Lock Every Door is a thriller in the truest sense of the word. As the book begins, the main character has stumbled upon a job opportunity when she needs it most, at the mythical Bartholomew building. We learn that she and her older sister spent years reading about the building in a child’s story – a coincidence that seems suspicious in itself but, of course, that is just a coincidence.

With its strange rules, an odd assortment of residents, and an unusual policy of hiring apartment sitters so that none of the apartments ever sit empty, life at the Bartholomew takes on a frenetic pace as one thing after another happens. And every idea I had as to the real story behind the Bartholomew was pushed away as something else happened. When the story comes out, it was so far from what I had been thinking that I was actually caught off guard.

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