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The Saga of the Second Sock

I had to dig through my phone to find when I actually started these socks. I do know that they date back to the I-91 Shop Hop (when I got the yarn for the cowl I posted in December). From what I can tell, the socks began in early to mid-summer. The photo above is from July.

Originally, the socks were meant for my son. The yarn is German and I thought he’d like them. And he did. But the socks didn’t fit. I was more than slightly disappointed and, despite my husband eagerly offering to take them, I stuffed them in my project bag to focus on school, needlepoint, changing jobs, and Christmas.

And then I lost the project bag.

Then I went on the 30 Day Minimalism Game. And had an idea.

Digging in one of those boxes where you throw everything you don’t want to deal with (hence the game) I found the missing bag. In that bag I also found my mojo to finish the second sock.

Over the course of a week, I worked away on the second sock. Thank heaven for Netflix and chauffeuring kids. Amazingly, the sock flew off my needles. When Greyson headed to Virginia for business, I decided I was going to stay up late and finish the sock as a surprise. I “stayed up late” by 30 minutes.

And, yes, Greyson was quite happy to come home to a new pair of handknit socks. He’s getting spoiled, this husband of mine.

Pattern: Plain old vanilla socks. Not really a pattern. Just a mishmash of different things I liked from other patterns.
Needles: US 1/2.25mm (I might move up to 2.5mm socks for my son)
Yarn: Schachenmayr Regia Pairfect in Autumn

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