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Three Sweaters for Rhinebeck 2020

Despite the profound lack of Rhinebeck photos (the few I did take are over on Instagram), I did walk away with all the knitting love. While I work I often listen to knitting vlogs and I’m already thinking ahead to Rhinebeck 2020.

This year I went with my knitting group for the day on Sunday. I’m 99% positive next year I’ll get an Air B&B for the whole weekend like 2018. Let’s be real, it’s only 1 1/2 drive but Friday is the indie dyer night. So that means three days of Rhinebeck and I’ve determined I need a sweater for each day.

So after people watching and way too much vlog watching (that’s a joke, by the way), I’ve narrowed down my list to some potential patterns. I’m a super slow sweater knitter, though, so I’d better get cracking.

1. Amrum by Katrin Schneider

This one has been in my queue forever. I got all of the yarn for my birthday last year. Jeez, I even swatched for it. But the German Short Rows killed me. I’m feeling like the German Short Row Queen right now so it’s time to revisit my Amrum.

2. Marettimo by Caitlin Hunter

I have Gabi from Once Upon a Corgi to thank for this obsession. Blood red and charcoal gray? Not my usual color choices but I think I need this in my life. Also? Short sleeves. I live in New England and that just made it a summer sweater, too.

3. Zweig by Caitlin Hunter

Honestly, Caitlin Hunter patterns have been populating my Instagram feed quite a bit over the last few months – and the word is that these patterns are so well written it’s almost a shame not to knit them. I’ve dabbled with colorwork a bit so I am hoping I have developed enough skill to make this work.

If you have some plans for other sweaters, let me know! I’m sure there will be THAT ONE that everyone works on but my sweater knitting is…slow. I need to plan ahead.

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