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Wednesday WIPs

Half way through my first full week of school in 2021! No PD (that I am aware of yet), a neurology appointment later today, and a need to tidy up my office.

When I picked up both of my WIPs for today I realized, with horror, that I’d stopped mid-row. One survived well, the other…we’ll be fixing some dropped stitches today. Eek!

My Allspice Shawl in Manos de Uruguay silk blend. It’s coming along nicely. It is a nice, easy knit so it is a go to for meetings or migraine knitting because it doesn’t require much thought. That being said, it is not a good choice from Zoom knitting. Well, I’m finding that I don’t get much knitting done in any kind of knitting group because I’m too busy talking. 😉 Luckily, I only had about ten stitches left on the row.

Ooof, this Habitation Throw needs some love. I don’t pick it up that often although I love knitting on it. It’s made up of all of my monthly Patreon minis from A Homespun House. This one I seem to have stopped halfway through a row (!) and it needs some attention after school today. I think I may keep it downstairs and work on it when my husband and I are watching TV in the evenings. I keep bringing other things to work on but I really would love to have this to curl up in this winter.

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