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Weekend | 30 Mar 2020

Is it silly to even do weekend posts right now? Probably, but here I go. As you can imagine, there isn’t much going on right now. We live about an hour and a half outside of New York City, just over the river from the hardest hit of the Connecticut counties. Our town’s confirmed cases went from 2 to 11. That was last week. I can’t find the latest numbers but I’m trying not to keep too close an eye beyond the information I need to know.

There is no end to hilarious COVID-19 memes. Where cases are skyrocketing faster than human comprehension, a little humor goes a long way.

Last week I placed myself in quarantine and met with my doctor online. I had some symptoms of the virus. He thought I might have my usual spring respiratory infection so didn’t feel a test was warranted. Instead, I got antibiotics and an inhaler, told so self-isolate for seven days or three days if my symptoms disappeared. Luckily, the antibiotics did the trick so I’m free to be with my family again.

Before I went into lockdown in the bedroom, I did grab a bunch of yarn in fear I’d be stuck in there for a while. And I was hoping to hear back about a test knit which, yay, I am doing. I have had this yarn from A Homespun House in my stash for a while and I’m so excited to put it to use for the socks I’m knitting for Birch & Lily.

Stay well, friends! And if you want to see the progress on these socks, be sure to follow me on Instagram.

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