New York Public Library Lion
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Weekending in New York

New York Public Library Lion

Every year, we try to go into New York at Christmas. By train, it’s about an hour and twenty minutes. By car it’s much fast but just as expensive (when you wait until the morning of to try and book parking, that is). So we hopped on Metro-North and headed to Grand Central to see the sights.

Truth be told, I didn’t take many photos. I wanted to spend time with the family, and I did take some video and I might do something with it in iMovie. For the most part, though, I just enjoyed the day.

JD Salinger Exhibit at the NY Public Library
JD Salinger at the New York Public Library! Of the four of us, only Maia and I loved The Catcher in the Rye. Our boys have questionable taste in literature.
Macarons from Whoops!
Macarons from Woops! ~ they converted my two teens to fans.
Bryant Park Christmas Tree
Stopping for a photo in front of the tree in Bryant Park. Hat is mine from The Preppy Stitch. I may need to get one for Maia.
Times Square
I snapped this quickly as I hustled through Times Square as quickly as possible. Perhaps my least favorite place in NYC.
Cheese Board
We ended the day at Beecher’s for wine and cheese. And, naturally, brought some home.
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