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Yarn Along | 12 Mar 2020

I’m a little late but better late than never. Coronavirus hysteria has hit our small town and I’ve been attending to school and organizational issues in addition to work.

This is still what I’m reading. A friend of mine recently told me she wouldn’t be finished with this until Continental Congress because it’s going to slowly for her. She was surprised, as well, because she is a fast reader. That got me to thinking because I feel like I’m moving slowly with the book, but I don’t have a clear idea of “where I am” because I’m reading this on my Kindle. I know I’m halfway through but is it a regular-length book or a Russian Novel length book? 😉 It’s a regular length according to her photo but it is a LOT of information. So, yes, it’s still a read in progress.

My knitting has been slowed this week, as well. I did turn the heel and am almost finished with the gusset of the first sock. I refuse to suffer from Second Sock Syndrome again. If I’m being honest, I was focusing more on needlepoint to finish a project and move on to a new canvas.

So, not much of an update for this week’s Yarn Along but hopefully things will settle down (as I suspect we’ll all be in the house together for the next four weeks if the talk at school turns out to be true). Stay well, friends.

And wash your hands!

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