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Yarn Along | 25 Mar 2020

What a strange week of highs and lows! For a homebody, self-isolation hasn’t been too bad but watching my extroverted family members weather their extended period at home with “just” us has been hard. My answer when they tell me they’re bored is to learn to knit or read a book. No one has taken me up on learning to knit. Yet.

A hold came through from Libby after waiting eight weeks and I’m so glad it did. I’m not too far into this yet, but I am loving it. The novel is a story within a story, spanning the First and Second World Wars. Lots of secrets slowly unfolding – a perfect read for me at this time.

I’ve made lots of progress on my Advent KAL and realized something important. If I do gift knitting for Christmas, I should not do it while I’m trying to do knitting for me at the same time. This pattern isn’t hard, despite the texture, but it was my overloaded brain that was unable to handle another project.

And when I look at this photo, although it’s dark on screen, I am falling in love with purple. It’s not an exaggeration that I have detested purple since my bedroom was done in all purple nearly forty years ago! But Molly’s yarn is always so gorgeous, how could I now love it?

I hope everyone is staying healthy and keeping social distancing seriously Here in Connecticut our cases are skyrocketing as people are able to be tested. Being 45 miles from New York City doesn’t help.

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